Kumar, Pranav

Life app Living with inspiration, fullfillment and excellence with the best attitude, principles and practices - Chennai; Notion Press, 2018. - 333p.

Are You Leading a fulfilling life? This question is of utmost importance as it is about your life. Many people think that they are making the necessary efforts but we observe that they still do not reach the level and quality of life they aspire. The primary reason is their mindset which needs to be more effective. There is no 'copy' and 'paste' system in life. You have to chart your own path to excellence, and have to walk up the ramp of life by yourself. You have to think out of the box and understand the value and purpose of life. The LifeApp book shall certainly help you in developing the right mindset and an effective personality to excel and enjoy, and live with fulfillment.


Emotional Well-Being

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