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100 _aDey, Ajoy kumar
245 _aResponsible Humane strategies for Gender equality, empowerment and leadership
260 _aNew Delhi;
_bBloomsburry India,
300 _a292p.
520 _aThis book provides an up-to-date picture of the variety of management and leadership challenges businesses and public organizations face in different countries and in varying cultural and societal contexts. The case studies written by academics from the different parts of the world draw our attention to the complexity involved in leading sustainable development. Readers of this book will find insightful and thought-provoking real-life stories that address responsible, ethical and humanistic leadership in Asia, Europe, North America, and other countries. Case studies on the inclusion of women in society and organizations, providing equal opportunity to everyone and ways to empower women living in poverty show how businesses can be agents of social change and sustainability. Case studies on organizational practices in human relations management, appreciative organizational development and leadership provide valuable empirically based examples on humanistic leadership. The chapters towards the end of the book discuss social innovation and social entrepreneurship, responsible branding and ethics in strategic decision making. These case studies show how strategic decision making responsibility means attendance to long-term societal and environmental impact of strategic actions and decisions. The cases represent a broad variety of different types and sizes of organizations. Each case study is brilliantly designed and the collection of cases creates an exceptionally rich understanding of the different aspects of responsible leadership.
650 _aGender Equality
650 _aWomen Empowerment
650 _aHumanistic Leadership-Case Studies
650 _aSocial Innovation And Entrepreneurship
700 _aLehtimaki, Hanna
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